About Me

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am an award-winning publicist


Folk Public Relations is proud to be working with Penguin Random House UK – our latest client.

I’ve worked in arts and culture PR for more than a decade. My background is in books and during my time at publishing houses HarperCollins, Saqi Books and Granta, I looked after a whole range of authors at the top of their game who win awards and sell thousands. From zeitgeisty non-fiction to chart-topping, award-winning fiction, I have helped to launch careers and develop brands.

But above all, I have told their stories.

I believe that the greatest resource anyone has is their story. It’s how people connect. And the nature of books means you become a mini-expert in a huge range of subjects. So, in 2014 I set up my own agency to put what I know about publicising and selling books to use helping start-ups tell their stories
and find their voice.

In the digital world we live in, it’s more important than ever that your story is heard across all the different platforms available and that those platforms work together. I create completely bespoke, innovative and integrated cross-media campaigns to maximise the potential coverage and reach for your project and which visibly drive engagement and sales.

Since Folk Public Relations launched, clients have included award-winning digital innovators The Pigeonhole and literary event polymaths The Special Relationship as well as many other more traditional culture clients.

So come on in and say hello for a free consultation on how I can
help you gain the media visibilty you need.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories
are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman



Folk Public Relations offers fully integrated publicity campaigns that incorporate digital media as well as newspapers, magazines and broadcast. Everything is bespoke, so we can tailor our services to whatever your heart desires; be it a full service from conception, implication, events, follow-up, the full works; or concise, short term projects for brands and books already launched. We also do rolling PR where we work with you on an annual basis and can have an overarching and long-term vision.


We Offer…

Full Service

A full service campaign is one which generally lasts 4-6 weeks but can be longer and will include a pre-campaign consultation including brand and publication advice, fully bespoke campaign plan using ten years of expert knowledge of the media, events where application, a press release and debrief pack with contacts for your use.

Already Launched

We can build on any publicity already gained, advise you on how to capitalise on it and manage ongoing PR.

Press Releases

Just a press release? No problem.


In our previous incarnation, we had responsibility for authors and brands, as well as their books, over their publishing lifetime. And sometimes it makes sense to think about this rather than just one project. Here is where our rolling service comes in. We will create a long-term strategy for you which can be ambitious and span several projects.

Social Media Support & Consultation

Social media is no longer an add-on to a campaign. It’s essential. All our campaigns are fully integrated. But sometimes you just want a bit of advice. We’re here to help.



Lynn Gaspard, Publisher, Saqi Books

“Kelly is a creative, energetic and thoughtful publicist who knows how to get results. She is tenacious and thorough, and worked closely with us to make sure we maximised the publicity potential of the book. She also kept an eye on the news agenda so our author could capitalise on issues relating to his work. It’s been a great pleasure to work with her.”

David Bainbridge, author of Middleage: A Natural History

“Kelly was publicist on my fifth book, ‘Middle Age: A Natural History’ and it certainly made for a busy time. For a while I had to put my day job on hold to satisfy the demand – Radio 4 ‘Start The Week’ and ‘Four Thought’, Radio 3, serialisation in the Mail, invited articles in NewScientist and the Washington Post, features in the Toronto Globe and Mail, Observer, the Telegraph (three!), the Sun and the Mail. It was crazy.”

Diane Chandler, author of Moondance

“Kelly created a tailor-made campaign for my second novel Moondance, involving only broadcast and newspapers. This was to fit neatly alongside the other promotion my publisher, Blackbird Digital Books, was actively engaged in. They worked tirelessly to publicise Moondance, pitching to a large range of select targets, and, in only two weeks, securing coverage by two daily newspapers and by local radio.”



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We would love to hear from you and can offer free consultations to work out if we are the right fit for you. Go on, drop us a line…